Ejer forslag Media Minorities and Meaning: A Critical Introduction (Hardcover) by Merskin Debra L. wckgRI3d

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This book is an examination of how American mass media including advertising presents Otherness - anyone or anything constructed as different from an established norm - in terms of gender race sex disabilities and other markers of difference. Using a mythological lens the book looks below the surface of media content to explore the psychological social and economic underpinnings of a system of beliefs that result in prejudice discrimination and oppression. Designed to raise awareness of the foundations of historically-based inequities in the American social cultural and economic milieu the author shows how inequalities are maintained at least in part by mass media popular culture and advertising representations of Otherness. The book aims to increase awareness of stereotyping in the media and expose how the construction of people as Others contributes to their marginalization. Written in an accessible and engaging style with student-friendly discussion questions and resources this book is suitable for upper-level undergraduate and postgraduate courses.