Chelsea win putting them into next round of FA Cup

Chelsea win putting them into next round of FA Cup

It was a tough game for both teams, many battles and fights between managers and players.

Manchester United where quick in highlighting Chelsea key threat, Eden Hazard. Hazard had managed to develop many key chances but with great defending from Rojo and Valencia and Manchester United keeping Hazard in their back pocket. Phil Jones was playing rather dangerous within the first half receiving a number of warnings without receiving a card. Herrera picking up to yellow cards before getting sent off, due to a light challenge too receive a second yellow and saw the end of Herrera’s game after just 35 minutes.

Kante with a goal in the 51st minute from the edge of the box, catching David de Gea of guard.

Manchester United’s youngster Marcus Rashford with a few good chances but one outstanding chance seeing him one on one against Courtois who made himself big and made a brilliant save.

Willian had put the ball over the bar, great effort but not good enough. Penalty call later on from Costa but denied by Referee as Rojo with a fantastic tackle. Rojo and Costa collide again after whistle was blown, nothing came from it besides a talking too. Chance in the 74th minute from Willian with a low driven cross into Costa who misses the ball. Young hacks down mosses after getting tackled and gets yellow in 78th minute. Moments later Pogba Drives a shot wide. Late tackle from Costa 86th minute, yellow card shown.

Rashford not done yet but after a good run and cross gets cleared. Chelsea on the attack saw a great stop by David de Gea and Rojo to follow up with a great block towards end of game. Manchester United getting some good chances towards the end but giving away free kicks and a sub from Chelsea brought the tempo of the game to see the game out.

A good performance from both teams, Manchester United done well considering they were down to 10 men but couldn’t get a goal. Chelsea with a good win, they managed to hold the most possession of 73% followed with a total of 20 shots and 5 on target compared to Manchester United’s 4 shots and 1 on target.

Kante gets Man of the Match, but stand out players for me was Valencia, Rojo and Rashford. Rashford due to the opportunities he created, Valencia and Rojo with great defending and recoveries. However this maybe a bit of a biased opinion as I am a Manchester United Fan. Great performance from Hazard also as he looked really dangerous and created some opportunities, and Willian also creating a few good chances and some skillful passes coming from the Brazilian, adding some flair to the game.




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